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What is the function of the yoke of medium frequency furnace?

Yoke introduction

The magnetic yoke is a yoke made of stacked silicon steel sheets. It is evenly and symmetrically divided around the induction coil. Its function is to constrain the leakage magnetic field of the induction coil from spreading outward, improve the efficiency of induction heating, and also serves as a magnetic shield to reduce the temperature of the furnace. The heat generated by metal components such as the frame also serves to reinforce the sensor.

yoke,yoke of medium frequency furnace

the yoke of medium frequency furnace

The role of the yoke of the intermediate frequency furnace
The medium frequency electric furnace body has a built-in square yoke. The yoke shielding can reduce magnetic flux leakage, prevent the furnace body from heating up, and improve efficiency. At the same time, the magnetic yoke plays the role of supporting and fixing the induction coil, so that the furnace body reaches high strength and low noise. The yoke is a crescent-shaped yoke made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheets and stainless steel plywood. The joint surface between the iron core and the coil is an arc surface. The compression point is a surface instead of a line in the past. This structure has a better compression effect. Good, less magnetic leakage. After the silicon steel sheets are stacked, they are tightened with special splints instead of special screws. This structure can make full use of the magnetic conductive area of the silicon steel sheets and reduce the possibility of local heating of the intermediate frequency electric furnace body.
A specially designed water-cooled radiator is installed between the yoke and the stainless steel plate clamp. When the medium frequency induction furnace is in operation, it ensures that the upper yoke is at normal temperature to prevent its deformation due to very high temperature of the yoke, thereby strengthening the control The support of the induction coil improves the overall strength of the furnace.