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Induction coil

Induction Coil is the main part of Induction Furnace, which made by 99.99% copper, and smelting metal by electromagnetic induction heating of it.Not only protect the environment, but also adjust the melting speed by the amount of electricity

advantages of induction coil

Induction heating has the advantages of low energy consumption, low power consumption, fast heating speed, no pollution, no noise, no preheating, less oxidation, easy gas protection, automatic control, multiple intelligent protections, easy operation, and continuous operation without cutting short
Heating is uniform, temperature control accuracy is high, and the temperature difference on the heating core surface is kept small.

Heating principle of medium frequency furnace induction coil

The induction coil is the heart of the medium frequency furnace. The induction coil of the medium frequency furnace generates a strong magnetic field under the effect of current, which causes the metal in the furnace to eddy current and generate heat. The intermediate frequency furnace coil is the key to converting electrical energy into thermal energy, so the role of the intermediate frequency furnace coil is very important.

induction coil of electric melting furnace

Magnetic field energy of induction coil in medium frequency furnace

The thickness of the rectangular copper tube in the induction coil of the medium frequency furnace determines the current carrying area through which this current passes. The thicker the copper tube wall, the lower the heat generated, the greater the amount of current passing through, and the more magnetic field generated. The heat generated by the same metal workpiece is greater, and the magnetic field energy conversion is greater. The heating speed, heating power, and heating efficiency are better.

Design of medium frequency induction coil

The shape of the inductor is determined by the shape of the heated surface of the workpiece. The manufacturing principle should be such that the copper tube of the inductor component is flat or equidistant from the heated surface of the workpiece, and the direction of current between adjacent turns should be consistent
2. The gap between small workpieces and sensors should be controlled within 1-3mm
3. The material should be a purple copper tube with a diameter of 6 or more (preferably 1mm thick wall), and copper tubes with a diameter greater than 10mm should be copper tubes
4. The electrical contact part connected to the machine should have the surface oxide layer polished clean
5. Make full use of the proximity and gap effects of current, and if necessary, add a conductive magnet
6. After the inductor is made, it should be matched with the entire machine to ensure that the frequency is within the specified range and the correct waveform is output

induction coil of electric melting furnace

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