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introduction of dual track medium frequency melting furnace

working principle
One power supply allows two furnaces to work at the same time, and the power can be distributed arbitrarily. One melts and the other keeps heat, and the melting is uninterrupted. When necessary, heat preservation, heating, tempering, etc. can be carried out at accurate temperatures to maximize production output.


Technical features
It adopts “series inverter thyristor medium frequency power supply technology”, which has the advantages of good repeatability, good stability, good symmetry, strong anti-interference ability, and convenient debugging.

The series inverter uses a half-bridge circuit, the number of main circuit components is relatively reduced, and it has a high power factor, so it has higher power.
Good starting characteristics, it can be started at will under full load or heavy load, and the starting success rate is 100%. Improve the power factor to ensure that the power factor reaches 95% at any power.
Constant power output, the power output adopts constant control. During the smelting process, when the load and temperature change, the load is always output at full power, thereby shortening the smelting time.