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Remove Dust Machine

Bag filter is an efficient bag filter developed on the basis of summarizing all kinds of bag filter. The efficiency of dust removal and purification can reach over 99%, the wear of filter material is light and the service life is long. It is a large-scale dust removal device with large air volume, good dust removal effect, high dust removal efficiency, stable and reliable operation and convenient maintenance equipment. Remove the dust for different factory, such as casting factory, woodworking plant, cement plant,etc.

Simple Introduction:


Type Of Dust Collector Baghouse Dust Collector
Material 304 stainless steel or Q235 carton steel, or according to customer’s request
Certification ISO 9001;CE
Emission Standard max. <10mg/m3
Efficiency 99.9%
Filter Bag Material Three anti-filter material + PTFE peritoneum, temperature resistance 150 ° C, 500g / m2
Temperature Of Dust <120 degree
Used Remove the dust for different factory, such as casting factory, woodworking plant, cement plant,etc.

Working Principle:

When the bag filter works, the dust-containing gas enters the dust hopper of the dust collector from the lower part of the dust collector box. Because of the sudden enlargement of the airflow cross-section area and the decrease of the flow velocity, some of the coarse and denser particles in the dust-containing gas are settled by gravity and directly fall into the dust hopper of the dust collector with fine particle size and small density. The particles enter the filter chamber where the filter bags are distributed. Through the inertia, collision, screening, interception and electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the filter bags, the particles adhere to the surface of the filter bags and form a dust layer. The clean gas filtered and purified is discharged by the exhaust pipe through the upper air chamber.

remove dust machine working principle

Performance Characteristics:

1)  Adopting low-pressure pulse injection and multi-pipe air cooling and supplementary air technology in double valve plate, the system has high ash removal efficiency, low energy consumption and zero leakage.

2)  The use of international advanced and exclusive stepped air distribution technology and ash hopper diversion technology can effectively reduce the resistance of equipment and prolong the service life of filter bags.

3) Large capacity pulse jet combination technology can effectively achieve high efficiency ash removal.

4) Imported pulse valves are used. The service life of the diaphragm of the vulnerable parts is more than 1 million times, the quality is guaranteed for 3 years, and the normal service life of the filter bag is more than 2 years.

remove dust machine characteristic

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