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Resistance Heating Furnace

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Usage for Car Bottom Resistance Electric Furnace for Steel Heating

Mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, gray cast iron castings, ductile iron castings, rollers, balls, hammer crushers, wear-resistant lining hardening, annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts.
1. Heat treatment of large or heavy-duty welding, such as gear blanks, commonly used in automotive and machine tool parts. Other heat treatment applications include industrial steel and aluminum mill applications such as wire annealing, foil annealing and preheating processes such as preheating and reheating.
2. Casting, the most commonly used are large steel and aluminum castings used to make parts.
3. Manufacturing forging processes for automotive, aerospace, oil drilling equipment and other equipment manufacturing parts.
4. Powder metallurgy, which is especially important for changing the unique ability of materials that cannot be produced by normal melting processes.

Car Bottom Resistance Furnace working site

Car Bottom Resistance Heating Furnace working site

Advantages of the Resistance furnaces

Resistance furnaces are used extensively because of their numerous advantages. Articles can be uniformly heated either by appropriately locating the heating elements along the walls of the furnace chamber or by means of forced circulation of the furnace atmosphere. Automatic control of the power and, consequently, of the temperature conditions in such a furnace is easily implemented. Resistance furnaces are readily mechanized and automated, thus alleviating the work of personnel and facilitating the inclusion of such furnaces in automatic transfer lines. In addition, they are compact. Such


Model Rated Power


Phase Voltage


Rated Temperature (℃) Working Size


RT2-65 65 3 380 950 1100*550*450
RT2-105 105 3 380 950 1500*800*600
RT2-120 120 3 380 950 2000*1000*700
RT2-150 150 3 380 950 2100*1050*750
RT2-180 180 3 380 950 2400*1500*800
RT2-250 250 3 380 950 3500*1350*950
RT2-320 320 3 380 950 3500*1500*1000
RT2-360 360 3 380 950 4000*1500*950
RT2-600 600 3 380 950 6000*2500*1200


furnaces provide a secure environment for various processes.


Car Bottom Resistance Furnace selection

High temperature furnace: ≤1250℃

Medium temperature furnace: ≤950℃

Low temperature furnace: ≤650℃

Heating temperature will affect the configuration of heating elements and power, customers can choose the appropriate model according to the actual situation

The following parameters are for reference only, the working size and temperature are produced according to customer requirements

Device Description

Heat Chamber: When we design the heat chamber, we optimize the insulation grade, thickness and density to fit your particular application. The Chamber construction we used fiber and brick, which have the wonderful performance of thermal storage and good price/performance ratio

Door Design: The furnace door is typically integral to the car or can be fixed to the furnace body and vertically actuated to seal the chamber.The frame of the door is made by section steel and plate which have stronger rigidity. And inside overlapped the fire resistance fiber.The door opening method can be manual side opening or motor lifting

Car Bottom Design: The Car is designed as self-propelled structure, which travelling is through the motor gear driving with the Chain.

Heating System: If heated by electric resistance wire, The heating element is made by high temperature resistance alloy wire, which distributed at side of chamber, furnace door, back-wall, and car floor.

Resistance Heating furnace description

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