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(Hydraulic Tilting) Steel Shell Melting Furnace

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Mainly used for melting steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloy, is with high melting efficiency, good electricity saving effect, good metal component uniformity, less burning loss, speedy temperature rise, easy control of temperature, is suitable to all kinds of metal melting

Production Description:

1)Medium Frequency Induction melting Furnace for melting
2)Full digital control system with high accuracy
3) Melting steel, iron,stainless steel,copper,aluminium
4)0.15-20 tons capacity
5)Constant power output, speedy melting, good electricity saving efficiency.
6) Steel shell furnace structure, hydraulic tilting.

Furnace Parts:

  1. Large capacity furnace shell uses steel frame structure, furnace body structure composed of furnace fixed mount and furnace body, furnace fixed mount and furnace body takes globality frame structure. Furnace body tilting is controlled by hydraulic system, accomplished by 2 hydraulic cylinders jacking up set besides furnace body, and furnace body reset is accomplished by pressure from furnace body weight.
  2. Height and diameter of melted metal inside of furnace is high. This furnace hearth brings technology of advanced furnace profile from abroad, it is confirmed based on computer analysis, diameter and height rate increases, natural power factor improved, and electricity efficiency improved.

Power supply:

Technical Advantages of KGPS MF Melting Furnace

Equipment cost is low. Equipment structure is relatively simple, cost is low

Mature technology. After more than ten years continuously improve

Mature technology. After more than ten years continuously improve,the technical of KGPS has already very mature.

Well-adapted.  Low requirement to environment and durable.

Simple Maintenance. Because of it’s simple circuit and the low cost component, so the maintenance is simple and cost is low.

Thyristor starting/stopping and status.

Compensate Capacitor:

Reduce reactive power on distribution lines conveying , so it can reduce energy loss on the distribution lines.

Exert the potential of the equipment, addition equipment output ,fully improve equipment utilization.

Inductive reactive compensation to improve the power factor, save energy and reduce electricity costs .

Increase the voltage and improve power quality .

Induction coil:

Induction coil generated strong magnetic filed under power of electricity, this magnetic field makes metal generate eddy current and heat inside of furnace hearth. The tolerance of induction coil practical operate power and design power is no larger than 5%, insulation of coil, especially turn-to-turn insulation, use advanced insulation process method to guarantee, dedicated clamps technology reduces axial vibration of coil. Coil internal wall is sprayed with imported high temperature resistant insulating materials, and installed furnace leakage alarm system, can protect from bosh breaking out.
Inside the induction coil coated 10~15mm fireproofing materials.
1.Can easily build furnace liner
2.Can prevent the lining of hot deformation,and affecting the service life of furnace lining.

Hydraulic system:

Hydraulic Station
Hydraulic pump used for the tilting furnace cylinder. Lining ejector cylinder and the furnace cover action cylinder provides power, with double engines and double pump(one job, one backup, can automatically switch).
Hydraulic Tilting Console:
The hydraulic Tilting console used to control the furnace tilting (In the range of 0 to 95 degrees). It uses manual valve operation , reliable and stable, without phenomenon of shocking and crawling. Speed is adjustable and can be  stay in any place. Furnace cover use hydraulic or mechanical rotating device.


Water Cooling Cables:

Water-cooled cables made of high quality material T2 multi-strand copper wire,outside is a high- strength fire-resistant rubber tube,connector cold forming,good contact and tensile strength.

So one furnace body will have four weight sensors.

Optional Parts:

Leak detection system

Weighing system

Lining Push Out System

PLC System

Working Site:

Layout Design:


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