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Enclosed Water Cooling System

Huaxin specialize in the design,research,manufacture and sale of the Water Cooling equipment. Main products: Closed Cooling Water, Transverse Flow Cooling Tower, Countercurrent Tower, Refrigerating Machine and Evaporative Machine etc.

Company has the extensive products,we can also provide other relative accessories and technical consultation at the same time.Keeping improving is our constant purpose, every step we can do better from the selection of the raw material to the research and manufacture of a series products.We consider more for our clients

Main Parameters

Model HL-600
Cooling Ability


Kcal/h 180600
Work Pressure


Mpa. 0.25
Work Flow


M3/h 22
Inlet Outlet Tube Dia.


mm DN80
Rated Power-Fan


KW 2.2
Rated Power-Water Pump KW 4.0
Material Aluminized zinc plate

(Note:The material can also be stainless steel, but the price is expensive)

Usage For Cooling Power Supply & Furnace Body
Main Machine Size 2800mm*1230mm*2150mm
Water Tank Size 1100mm*1100mm*2000mm
Water Cooling Control Box Size 780mm*500mm*230mm


Enclosed Water Cooling System


1) Fully enclosed circulating cooling, eliminate the pipeline jams caused by debris.

2) Use soft water circulating cooling; no overheat damage of power supply, silicon control, capacitor, IGBT module, induction coil caused by incrustation.

3) No need of water pool and cooling tower, occupies small area, and moves easily.

4) High cooling efficiency and low operate cost.

5) Low water consumption, meet requirement of environment protection.

6)No ionic conduction in soft water, the cooling part will not be broken by the electrolysis.

Main Components

1) Main Part:

The main unit of cooling tower consists of housing, purple copper cooler, exhaust system, spray system, water separator, and collecting annulus.

2) Main Part Shell:

It is made of stainless steel plate, 2mm thick. Its resistance to corrosion is as well as stainless steel. The housing is pieced together without welding after cutting, folding and rinsing by numerical control machine.

enclosed water cooling system components

3 ) Cooler

The key part of cooling tower. Its inside connects coolant, and the outside is designed to be cooled by the air cooling and water spraying to meet the cooling demand. In order to ensure the cooling effect, cooler is made of T2 purple copper tubes which are in accordance with international standard, and all tubes are bare purple copper tubes without fins.

main components of enclosed water cooling system

This is our own technique that upgraded according to many years experience. Because aluminum fins are easy to oxidize and corrode, so its useful life is short. Now, we use T2 purple copper tubes which the resistance to corrosion is much better. And the entire outer cooler is made of bare copper tubes, so its corrosion resistance is much stronger.

The joint between copper tubes and angle fitting are welded by silver welding rod, so the welding spots become less but the quality is better.


4 ) Fan

This system exhausts saturated hot and moist air from main unit room of cooling tower steadily in the airflow way of getting air in through the air intake under the main unit room and getting air out through the upper fan opening. Exhaust system consists of air grid, fan and shield. The fan uses aluminum case, increasing its useful life.

fan of enclosed water cooling system

5) Water Separator

The main function of water separator is to reduce the water consumption of outside loop water cooling system in the working process.

Water Separator of enclosed water cooling system

6 ) Auxiliary Machinery

Auxiliary engine, consisting of master pump, stainless steel water tank, electric cabinet, temperature-control system, pressure-control system, etc., mainly performs as control system for cooling tower.

Auxiliary Machinery of enclosed water cooling system

→Standard equipment is a master pump, a spray pump, an auxiliary diesel engine.

→Recycling tank is made of stainless steel sheet and plate 304, and is equipped with liquid level alert system at the inlet. The circulating cooling medium is enclosed while there’s still light deterioration. The liquid level indicator detects and alarm automatically so as to supplement the aqua pure for the internal recycling system.

enclosed water cooling system

Foreign Customers

Shandong Huaxin Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is the largest medium frequency furnace manufacturer in North China. Our equipment is diversified; the quality is excellent; the service is in place. It is loved by customers all over the world and has agents in many countries.

foreign customers visit enclosed water cooling system

Our induction furnaces and accessories have been sold to Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Zimbabwe and Fiji. More than 30 countries and regions.

enclosed water cooling system shipped

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