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HQ Reducer aluminum shell furnace

HQ Reducer aluminum shell furnace
small melting capacity from 100kg to 350kg
preferential price, the occupied area is small,
suitable for small-scale factories.

Power supply

Technical Advantages of KGPS MF Melting Furnace

Equipment cost is low.

Mature technology


Simple Maintenance.

KGPS bias voltage type medium frequency power supply

Compensate Capacitor

Reduce reactive power on distribution lines conveying , so it can reduce energy loss on the distribution lines.

Exert the potential of the equipment, addition equipment output ,fully improve equipment utilization.

Inductive reactive compensation to improve the power factor, save energy and reduce electricity costs .

Increase the voltage and improve power quality .

Compensate Capacitor

Furnace Parts

Furnace Parts

The mechanical parts of the MF furnace consisted of furnace pot,water power introduced into the system, titling device and other parts.

Furnace Ports

Furnace port including furnace shell, induction coil etc.

Furnace Shell

Furnace shell made of cast aluminum furnace shell halves connected together, with good rigidity, compact structure, easy maintenance, etc., the rotary bearing hole once processed, to ensure concentricity of the furnace shell and rotary bearing tilting furnace process will not be deformed due to misalignment.

HQ Reducer aluminum shell furnace

Induction Coil

Induction coil is the heart of induction furnace, induction coils will produce a strong magnet field under the action of the electric current. Coil design is very important since Coil is the key part of the conversion between Electrical energy and heat. 99.99% red copper.

induction coil of electric furnace



Reducer mainly by the transmission parts (gears or worm), shafts, bearings, housing and accessories formed. Is divided into two kinds of manual and electric, our company is the use of electric reducer.

reducer for aluminum shell furnace

Tilting Control Box

Tilting control box is in front of the furnace body, used to control the tilting (in the range of 0 ~ 95 degrees). It uses gear and steering operation, reliable, smooth, non-impact and creeping phenomenon, can stay in any position.

Tilting Control Box

Water Cooling Cables

Water-cooled cables made of high quality material T2 multi-strand copper wire,outside is a high- strength fire-resistant rubber tube,connector cold forming,good contact and tensile strength

Water Cooling Cables

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