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Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine

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Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine

1)Equipment Application

The ingot casting machine is used for fully automatic production of casting aluminum alloy ingots of about 6.0kg-7.0kg, such as ADC series. The casting machine can meet the continuous production requirements of 24 hours a day, and meet the production process requirements of casting aluminum alloy ingot casting and automatic stacking


aluminum ingot casting machine equipment

2)Brief Description of The Process

After the aluminum alloy liquid flows into the distributor of the ingot casting machine, it is evenly injected into the aluminum ingot mold of the chain casting machine by the distributor, and the ingot is sprayed with water and cooled until the aluminum ingot subjected to water cooling is sufficiently cooled and solidified and Demoulding.



The casting machine adopts a more mature linear cycle method in recent years. The power drive part adopts a cycloid reducer and adopts frequency conversion speed control. The driving power only needs 5.5KW. The energy saving effect is obvious, the operation is stable, and the jitter of the equipment


Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine

is reduced. Phenomenon, the meter directly displays the speed of the casting machine per minute, intuitive and concise, the demoulding adopts mechanical hammering, and the demolding rate reaches more than 99%.


4)The ingot casting machine is completely manufactured according to the current national norms and standards.


5)The whole system is safe and reliable, with low operating cost; little pollution to the environment; easy to operate.

Main Parameters

Running Speed 0-3.04m / min (0-17 mode / min)
Production Capacity 5-6t / h

Maximum Fuctuation + 10%

380V / 220V

3 phase 4 wire / 50Hz

The Total Wiring Load About 6kw
Cooling Water Consumption About 50kg / ton aluminum
Cooling Water Pressure 0.2 ~ 0.30Mpa
Cooling Water Temperature Normal temperature


1)The ingot casting machine has automatic distribution of aluminum liquid.

2)The speed of the casting machine is controlled by frequency conversion.

3)High production efficiency.

4)Uniform ingot weight.

5)High degree of automation.

6)Low labor intensity.

7)Easy operation.

8)Simple maintenance.

Main Components

The ingot casting machine mainly includes: ingot mould, rear tensioning system, aluminum liquid distributor system, cooling water pipe (excluding main water inlet pipe), electrical control system, casting machine body (including mechanical demoulding system and power transmission system) ), The curve length from nose to tail is within 12 meters.


Aluminum Ingot

1)Ingot Mold

The ingot mold is made of ductile iron QT450-10 to ensure the service life of the ingot mold.The ingot mold weight is (7.0) kg flanging mold, and there are about 130 in total.

The ingot mold is fixed on the attachment of the chain of the transmission part with bolts, and the hole distance of the chain fixing bolts is 60mm.

The bottom of each ingot flat mold has your company’s logo.


2)At the tail of the frame, there is a manual tensioning device, which is used to compensate the relaxation of the chain due to thermal expansion.


Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine working site

3)Aluminum Liquid Distributor System

Function: The function of the aluminum liquid distributor is to continuously, uniformly and steadily inject aluminum liquid into each ingot mold and produce the smallest liquid level difference.In the casting process, the phenomenon of eddy current formed by the molten aluminum is reduced to a minimum.The aluminum liquid in the furnace enters the distributor of the aluminum ingot casting machine through the transfer runner, and the distributor and the ingot casting machine operate synchronously. The dispenser has 6 uniformly distributed aluminum outlets, and each aluminum outlet is aligned with the running aluminum ingot mold to automatically dispense liquid. When casting, the operator should match the flow of aluminum water with the speed of the ingot machine to ensure that the aluminum liquid in the aluminum ingot mold is about 85% of the depth of the mold cavity.


Aluminum Ingot

The distributor is a circular metal member, which is installed on the casting machine through the shaft hole provided in the central part, and is rotated by the sprocket.

The distributor is made of ductile iron.


4) Spray Water Cooling

The cooling zone is about 3 meters. The maximum range of cooling is provided with 3 water inlet points. Each inlet point is equipped with a manual control valve, which can manually adjust the water flow of each inlet point according to the cooling requirements.


Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine site

5)Electrical Control System

The ingot casting machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the meter displays the casting speed per minute.


6)Body of Ingot Machine

The body of the ingot casting machine includes: transmission part, frame, mechanical demoulding, etc.

Function: Sturdy steel frame, the chain walks on the track, and the limit of the chain roller is stuck on the track.The front and back are driven by a pair of precision-machined sprockets to roll the chain, ensuring the stability of the casting machine.The casting machine is provided with an ingot mold cooling area and an aluminum ingot demoulding mechanism. The demoulding adopts a mechanical knocking method to ensure the cooling and automatic demolding rate of the aluminum ingot.


Aluminum Ingot Casting Machine site

7)Transmission Part

The rotating part of the ingot machine is to provide the reduction ratio required for production in the ingot process.The rotating part is composed of frequency conversion motor, reducer, bearing, chain, sprocket and other parts.The chain is made of alloy steel.

The chain pitch is 180mm, the chain plate thickness is 6mm, the material is 15Mn, and the roller material is 40Gr and the diameter is 60mm. The service life is not less than 3 years in accordance with the instructions.


8)Ingot Machine Frame

It adopts GB 12 channel steel and is appropriately strengthened according to the strength of the equipment to prevent deformation during normal casting operations and ensure the robustness of the overall equipment. The casting machine frame is composed of two sections of frames, with a driving part (spin-off end) and a tensioning part (casting end).


Ingot Machine Frame


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