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Electric Lining Building Machine

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What is the electric furnace building machine?

The electric furnace building machine is composed of a vibration host and furnace building tools. The furnace building tools include: furnace bottom vibration plate, furnace wall vibration plate, tamping fork and flat shovel.

The electric furnace building machine is based on the vibration force generated by the eccentric wheel driven by the motor, and transmits the vibration force to the sand through the furnace lining vibration plate and the furnace wall vibration plate, compacts the sand and discharges the air in the sand, so that the sand and the sand To achieve a high packing density.

The electric furnace building machine adopts a low-power three-phase vibration motor with a vibration frequency of 2900 rpm and a frequency of 50HZ. Vibration force of 1000-2000N, at least to achieve a pressure of 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa; in order to facilitate the operation of workers, the motor is required to use aluminum alloy shell, lighter weight. In order to make the knot of the furnace lining more durable. And not only can it move up and down, but also do local rotation, bias and other movements in the furnace


What is the electric furnace building machine


Model ZL-B
Rated Power(W) 150
Vibration Frequency(/MIN) 2900
Input Voltage/Phase(V) 400/3
Factory Vibration Force(KN) 2
Adjustable Vibration Force(KN) 0-2
The Host Weight(KG) 8.8
ZL – B type electric furnace builder in our company adopts Italian ITA import motor, with light weight, reliable quality, strong and uniform vibration.

The introduction of electric furnace building machine:

  • Electric furnace building machine mainly used in melting furnace lining to make, belong to knot lining specialized tools.
  • Electric furnace building machine is made up of vibrating host and furnace builder tools.
  • Construction tools include: the flat spade, vibration of furnace bottom, furnace wall with flat plate, tamping fork, extended tube, pipe joint, etc.
  • Electric furnace building machine is produced according to the motor drives eccentric gear to get the vibration, through the vibration of lining plate and furnace wall pass vibration to sand, sand compaction is expected to air in the sand side by side, to make the sand and the sand material between get to a high packing density.

Advantages of electric furnace builder in the knot:

Decreased demand for personnel

1-2 people in the small furnace and 2-3 people in the large furnace, you can operate according to the requirements of use, easy to learn. The staff rotation is performed in groups of 2 with hand tools, every 5 minutes.

Save knotting time

Compared with the original knotting method, according to the capacity of the electric furnace, the knotting time can be shortened by 2-6 hours. The electric furnace building machine is not as long as possible. It can be operated as required.

Save workers’ labor

One person operates, one person assists, and two people exchange every 10 minutes. When you use it, you can hold your hands steady without manual force. And it is very beneficial to the environment, and will not produce dust due to knots.

Improve the tightness of the knot

The use of electric furnace building machine can make the connection between the layers of the furnace lining more tight and uniform, and the best compactness can be achieved after sintering. According to the capacity of the furnace body, the amount of feed, etc., the compactness is very obvious after finishing as required.

Stable lining life

Significantly improve the life of the lining, use the same workers, materials, and operating procedures each time, the difference is within 10 times. Using the electric furnace building machine as the lining, the average life is increased by 10%. If you are experienced, you can increase 15% -20%.


The introduction of electric furnace building machine

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