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Water-cooled cable in medium frequency melting furnace

Shandong Huaxin Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of medium frequency electric furnaces. The water-cooled cables it produces are mainly used for the connection between the electric heating capacitor of the medium frequency furnace and the medium frequency melting furnace and the inductor coil to transmit high-power variable-frequency current. Reduce the energy loss caused by the heating of the cable during the transmission of the variable frequency current.

Water-cooled cable in medium frequency melting furnace

One. Overview of water-cooled cables for medium frequency melting furnace
The water-cooled cable for the medium frequency melting furnace adopts a soft wire. When transmitting medium frequency current, there is no surface skin effect, high power transmission efficiency, low heat generation, and the outer sheath hose is not easy to age; the enameled wire is softened, and the stress at the connection part of the electrode is small, and it is repeatedly tilted When the furnace and the furnace are inverted, the connection part of the water-cooled cable electrode and the soft wire will not be broken.

Two. Water-cooled cable production equipment for medium frequency melting furnace
The water-cooled cable of Huaxin electric furnace has a professional technical team and a skilled technician team, specializing in the design and manufacture of water-cooled cables. The production equipment configuration includes:
1. CNC lathes and milling machines are used to process various water-cooled cable electrodes (cable heads);
2. Large-scale microcomputer numerical control winding machine to wind water-cooled cable soft wires of different cross-sections and different lengths: the cross-section is in the range of 25 to 6000 square millimeters; the length is in the range of 0.3 to 70 meters, which can meet the needs of different users;
3. There is a water-cooled cable assembly line with a high degree of automation;
4. There are water-cooled cable withstand voltage and pressure test equipment. There is a complete water-cooled cable quality assurance system.

Three. Features of cold cable for medium frequency melting furnace
1. The water-cooled cable electrode (cable head) is non-contact, no solder joints, no welds, and is processed by a whole copper rod on a CNC lathe or milling machine. It is beautiful and durable; the electrode and the wire are connected by cold extrusion Pressure, no damage to the line, low resistance.
2. The outer casing of the water-cooled cable is made of high-quality rubber hose, with water pressure resistance> 0.8MPA and breakdown voltage higher than 3000V. There is also a flame-retardant outer tube for users to choose on special occasions;
3. The water-cooled cable electrode and the outer tube are fastened. For cables below 500mm2, use copper clamps. Others use 1Cr18Ni9Ti materials, which are non-magnetic and rust-free; they are tightly squeezed and tightened by large hydraulic equipment, beautiful, durable, and have a good sealing effect. ;
4. The water-cooled cable soft conductor is processed on a special winding machine with fine enameled wire. Soft, small bending radius, large effective cross section;
5. The water-cooled cable uses enameled wire as the water-cooled cable, which has high power transmission efficiency. Because of the insulation between each enameled wire, it conducts medium-frequency and high-frequency currents, and has no surface skin effect. Compared with other water-cooled cables of the same cross-section, it generates less heat when passing the same current;
6. Enameled wire is used as the conductor of the water-cooled cable, which can increase the service life of the water-cooled cable. Because the wires of the water-cooled cable are immersed in water for a long time, the working environment is very harsh. In the past, we used bare copper wires to make water-cooled cables. When the water-cooled cables were used for a period of time, when the cable jacket was opened, a layer of green copper rust would be seen on the surface of the wires. Later, we switched to enameled wire as water-cooled cable. Because the enameled wire has a paint film protective layer, it can play a role in anti-corrosion. Users report that the service life of water-cooled cables made of enameled wires is 1.5 to 2 times that of bare copper wires.