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Troubleshooting method of medium frequency melting furnace

There are some problems when using medium frequency induction melting furnace. As a furnace worker, you must master troubleshooting methods.

  1. First observe whether the instrument parameters are correct, whether there are appearance phenomena such as heating, redness, and loose screws.

Whether the relationship between intermediate frequency voltage, DC voltage and DC current is normal.

The product of DC voltage and DC current is the intermediate frequency power.

  1. Whether the sound is normal, whether there is noise, whether the sound is continuous, whether the reactor is dull, or is on fire, etc., determine the location of the abnormal sound.
  2. Ask the operator about the situation when the fault occurs, and understand the operating status of the intermediate frequency furnace before the fault occurs.
  3. Learn to use test instruments, such as oscilloscopes and multimeters. Measure the waveform, voltage, time, angle, resistance and other parameters of each point to determine the cause of the fault.
  4. After finding the fault of the intermediate frequency furnace and repairing it, please check and start operation.