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Application field of medium frequency induction melting furnace

The intermediate frequency furnace uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat metal. The advantages of fast heating speed, uniform heating temperature, energy saving, environmental protection, raw material saving, and convenient operation have become the main equipment for forging, casting and metal heating. So, what are the specific application areas of intermediate frequency furnaces?

  1. In the forging industry, heating before forging and online heating are commonly used. The heating is mainly through heat, and the heating temperature is 1200 degrees.
  2. Heat up before forging. Mainly used in gears, ring gears, half shaft connecting rods, bearings, shackles, rigging, automobile connecting rods, front or rear axles, etc.
  3. Online heating. Mainly used for on-line heating or metal rolling, mainly for heating long bars, steel pipes or billets.
  4. Local heating is a production heating process such as U-bolt bending, roller thermal assembly, and steel pipe bending.
  5. Foundry industry. Mainly used for smelting metal, the heating temperature is generally 1650 degrees.
  6. Heat treatment industry. Mainly used for tempering and heating of steel bars, quenching and tempering of bars, etc. The heating temperature is generally 1000 degrees, and the surface of the bars is mainly heated.