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Failure analysis of cooling equipment of medium frequency induction melting furnace

The medium frequency power supply, induction coil, water-cooled cable, etc. of the medium frequency induction furnace all need water for cooling. The inlet temperature of the cooling water does not exceed 35°C, and the return water temperature does not exceed 55°C. Water temperature failures of medium frequency induction furnaces are generally caused by excessively high temperature. Excessive cooling water temperature will cause damage to components such as thyristors, capacitors, reactors, water-cooled cables and induction coils, reducing production efficiency and affecting production operations.

  1. The inlet temperature, outlet temperature, water pressure and flow rate of cooling water must meet the design regulations. The cooling water system is equipped with various sensors to monitor the relevant parameters of the cooling water. When the cooling water parameter is abnormal or exceeds the set value, it will alarm or stop the equipment operation.
  2. Excessive cooling water temperature should be checked carefully.

The first reason is that the cooling water circulation pipeline is blocked, causing the cooling water flow to decrease and the temperature to rise. In this case, check and dredge the pipeline in sections;

The second reason is that the power of the circulating water pump is too small, which makes the cooling water flow insufficient and cannot cool the equipment. Check whether the circulating pump, spray pump and fan meet the design requirements;

The third reason is that the volume of the cooling water tank is too small and the temperature exchange is not complete, causing the cooling water temperature to rise. Enlarge the cooling water tank.

3. The cooling water pump station of the intermediate frequency induction furnace must be equipped with two main water pumps of the same specification and an emergency cooling water system. When the power is interrupted and the main water pump cannot work, the emergency cooling water system can provide cooling for the furnace body to avoid damage to the medium frequency induction furnace.