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Solution to water temperature failure of intermediate frequency furnace

  1. Clear water pipe blockage

The water temperature alarm appears after the intermediate frequency heating furnace has been running for a few minutes; however, it will continue to run after it is shut down, and the alarm will continue after a few minutes. This situation is generally caused by blocked water pipes.

  1. Judge the furnace condition

When the golden charge in the furnace “shelves”, the impedance of the induction furnace will increase and the power will decrease. At this time, the heat generated by the induction coil itself increases, so that the outlet temperature of the cooling water is increased by about 5°C compared with normal operation.

  1. Reduce the water temperature of the circulating pool

The cooling water is used for a long time. If the water temperature in the pool is too high, the temperature of the cooling water outlet of the induction coil will also increase. At this time, the bell will continue to alarm.

  1. Reduce the pressure of cooling water

When the cooling water limit temperature is controlled at 45~55°C, compared with the predetermined lower limit temperature (40~45°C), the heat loss caused by the heat transfer of the furnace lining can be reduced by about 2%.