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How to choose MF melting furnace

Furnace shell selection

  1. Aluminum shell furnace

The supply smelting furnace of aluminum alloy structure with reducer as the tilting furnace is commonly known as aluminum shell furnace.

The standard 1 ton aluminum shell furnace has a cast aluminum alloy with a weight of 400Kg and a thickness of 40mm.

  1. Steel shell furnace

Steel structure induction melting furnaces with hydraulic cylinders as tilting furnaces are commonly known as steel shell furnaces.

The most important thing for the steel shell furnace is the choice of the yoke. The choice of the yoke of the steel shell furnace of the same model is different, and the price difference is very large.


Copper tube selection

  1. Cold extruded copper pipe

Cold extruded copper pipe has high strength, good rigidity, light weight, high precision and low surface roughness. The surface insulation treatment of the copper pipe adopts electrostatic spraying to achieve H-class insulation.

  1. Cast copper pipe

The core of the melting furnace is the induction coil. The effect and price of cold extruded copper pipes and cast copper pipes are far different. Special attention should be paid to inferior copper pipes, which have poor conductivity and are easy to break and leak.


SCR selection

The good quality SCR has good temperature sensitivity, fast response and low failure rate. When choosing, the electric furnace manufacturer is required to indicate the manufacturer of the thyristor and show the product qualification certificate.


Power cabinet selection

Use standard plastic-sprayed cabinet shells instead of iron-painted cabinet shells. The size and specifications of the power cabinet are all standard, and the power cabinets of irregular manufacturers are also shrinking, and the height, width and thickness are not enough, and some even put the reactors outside the power cabinet. The standard intermediate frequency power supply is equipped with a low voltage switch inside, and no additional voltage switch cabinet is required.


Capacitor selection

Capacitor cabinets for reactive power compensation must be equipped with sufficient quantities, generally the compensation value of the capacitor is 18-20 times the power of the power supply.


Reactor selection

The main material of the reactor is silicon steel sheets, and new products produced by regular manufacturers should be used instead of recycled second-hand silicon steel sheets.