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Precautions for MF melting furnace in forging heating

MF furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, uniform heating temperature, energy saving and environmental protection. It has been widely used for heating forgings.

However, do you know the precautions for heating forgings in medium frequency furnace?

  1. The heating temperature is too high, will cause the carbon in the metal blank to burn. Soft spots on the surface reduce hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength
  2. The time that the blank is explosure in the air is too long, and the surface of the metal blank forms an oxide scale, which not only wastes material, but also reduces the surface quality of the forging and the service life of the forging.
  3. The uneven heating temperature will cause the workpiece to be broken and scrapped during the heating process.

Pay attention to the precautions of the intermediate frequency furnace in the heating of forgings in order to better produce and improve production efficiency.