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Several reasons for the ignition of induction coil

  1. the induction current passing through the coil has skin effect, that is, the current is mainly concentrated on the appearance of copper pipe. The higher the frequency of induction current, the greater the external current density. Therefore, the heating of induction coil copper pipe is concentrated on the outer surface, resulting in the external temperature of contact with insulating paint, which is far higher than the temperature of the contact part between copper pipe and cooling water. Even under normal cooling conditions of circulating water, the temperature of outlet water is controlled at 50-60 ℃, and the temperature of copper pipe surface will exceed 80 ℃.
  2. heat conduction of molten steel in furnace. The new furnace lining is thick, which can effectively avoid the heat conduction of molten steel to the coil surface. However, with the rapid corrosion of the lining in the later stage, the lining becomes thinner, and the heat transmitted from the steel to the coil surface is much higher than that of the new lining. The temperature of coil slurry layer was up and down at 80 ° when the lining thickness was about 15cm, and the temperature of coil slurry layer was nearly 200 ℃ in the later stage of lining (thickness is about 5cm), which once completely carbonized and failed by conventional insulating paint.
  3. the cooling water cooling forms scale, which is mainly caused by the influence of water quality. The cooling water is easy to scale under high temperature. Especially in the north and west areas with hard water quality, the scaling phenomenon of cooling water is prominent. The copper pipe is blocked and the water pressure decreases, so the cooling can drop obviously. The temperature rise in turn accelerates scaling. Once this happens, the temperature of the copper tube surface will rise rapidly, and the conventional insulating paint will be carbonized and destroyed in a short time.

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