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Common sense of induction furnace coil

  1. Induction furnace coils are generally divided into heating furnace coils and smelting furnace coils. Heating furnace coil is generally used for forging heating, hot stamping heating, metal quenching and tempering, rolling heating, etc; Smelting furnace coil is mainly used for casting smelting, vacuum melting, metal purification and other aspects.
  2. Before the induction furnace coil is used, the lining must be knotted to protect the coil, and the knotted lining should strictly abide by the lining knotting process. The coil of induction furnace generally adopts the knotted furnace lining or the assembled silicon carbide furnace lining. At present, the knotted furnace lining mostly adopts the quartz sand furnace lining material, the assembled heating furnace coil adopts the silicon carbide furnace lining tube, and the melting furnace adopts the silicon carbide crucible. No matter what kind of lining material, it will change (mainly thermal expansion, cold contraction and oxidation) when it works at high temperature for a long time. If it is not used properly, the heating materials will collide and squeeze the furnace lining. Therefore, the use of furnace lining has a certain period of time.
  3. Induction furnace coil in heating, according to the length of the heating workpiece and the diameter of the workpiece size, induction coil length. But generally speaking, the heating coil of induction furnace is relatively long (refers to the axial direction of heating workpiece), its purpose is to ensure the heating temperature and coil surface temperature difference under the condition of heating workpiece beat unchanged. The coil of smelting furnace mainly carries the tonnage of molten iron.
  4. When the induction furnace coil is running, it must be cooled by water to take away the heat generated by the induction furnace coil. Therefore, the cooling system must have enough water flow and water pressure to ensure that the copper tube of the induction furnace coil flows through the necessary water. Therefore, the working pressure of cooling water should not be less than 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa, the inlet temperature should be less than 35 ℃, and the outlet temperature should be less than 55 ℃. If the water pressure is not enough, the coil of medium frequency heating inductor will vaporize and generate heat. If it is not found in time, the copper pipe will break and the water will overflow. And the inductor is working at high temperature, at this time, it is likely to explode, so the induction cooling water is very important.
  5. In fact, the water-cooled guide rail in the induction furnace coil is the power rail for heating the workpiece, which has been working at high temperature. If the water supply is not enough or the water pressure is not enough, it will produce gasification, burning, deformation, heating workpiece can not pass through the sensor. Therefore, the water cooling of water-cooled guide rail is also very important. The water-cooled guide rail is worn in the process of use. Generally, the wall thickness of the water-cooled guide rail is 2mm. Therefore, the use of water-cooled guide rail has a certain period of time. If there is too much wear, it must be replaced. Otherwise, once the water leaks, it will cause the rapid cooling of the furnace lining and directly affect the effect of the furnace lining. Once the dry guide rail (without water) is worn and deformed, it must be replaced. It is forbidden to use the furnace lining as the guide rail for heating the workpiece.
  6. During the heating process of induction furnace coil, a lot of oxide scale will be accumulated in the induction furnace coil due to the falling off of heating workpiece. If the furnace lining is damaged, cracked or cracked, if it is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to ignite and cause medium frequency power over-current protection, and it is easy to break down the inductor coil and cause inductor turn to turn short circuit. Therefore, the oxide scale in the induction furnace coil should be cleaned at least once every shift (8 hours).
  7. Once cracks occur in the coil lining of induction furnace, if the cracks are knotting lining, knotting material must be used to fill the cracks when they are less than 2mm. If the cracks are more than 2mm, the lining must be re knotting; If it is a fabricated furnace lining, it must be replaced. Therefore, the user must take necessary measures according to the actual situation, and never act rashly, causing unnecessary consequences and burning the medium frequency heating sensor.

To sum up, the induction furnace coil should be inspected for a long time in use, and the problems found in the induction furnace coil should be dealt with in time. Only in this way can the induction furnace coil be used normally and the service life of induction furnace coil be prolonged.

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