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Energy saving ways of medium frequency induction furnace

Medium frequency induction furnace has many advantages, such as less investment, quick effect, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection. The advantage of energy saving is an important factor that medium frequency induction furnace is favored by the majority of users. Now, from the aspects of improving the production efficiency, increasing the melting speed and reducing the melting time, the ways of saving electricity in the production of medium frequency induction furnace are discussed.

1      Extending continuous smelting time

The electric energy consumption has a great relationship with the smelting mode. The working mode of the furnace can be divided into three situations

Continuous smelting: three shifts per day;

Intermittent smelting: two or one shifts a day. During non operation period, the hot metal in the furnace is kept warm by the heat preservation power;

Intermittent smelting: clean after daily completion.

Obviously, the unit energy consumption of continuous smelting is the lowest, intermittent smelting is the second, and intermittent smelting is the highest. Therefore, centralized continuous smelting should be arranged as far as possible when conditions permit. Try to increase smelting furnace times and reduce power consumption.

2      Reasonable ingredients

The scientific management of medium frequency induction furnace is of great significance to improve the production efficiency and reduce energy consumption

First of all, we must master the chemical composition of all kinds of charge, and carry out careful and reasonable burden calculation. By using the reasonable collocation of all kinds of charge, the content of harmful impurity elements should be as low as possible, and should not exceed the standard.

Avoid delaying smelting time due to adjusting composition, eliminate scrap of liquid steel due to unqualified composition, and increase material and power consumption. Therefore, the charge must be properly classified according to the chemical composition, impurity content and the size of the block, so as to ensure the smooth charging and reduce the smelting time.

The lump size of the burden should be adapted to the power frequency. The power frequency of induction furnace decreases with the increase of furnace capacity. Therefore, bulk charge can be used for large capacity induction furnace and small charge can be used for small capacity induction furnace.

The distribution of induced current in multi metal conductor obeys skin effect. The induced current in charge and molten steel obeys the skin effect and decreases from the surface to the center. The heat of strengthening hot charge is mainly supplied by the surface layer. In order to make the whole cross section of the charge get the same temperature, with the extension of heating time, the heat loss from the charge to the surrounding medium increases, resulting in the decrease of thermal efficiency. If the penetration depth layer and the geometric size of the charge are properly matched, the heating time is short and the thermal efficiency is high.

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