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Reasons and solutions for abnormal noise of medium frequency furnace

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Before the medium frequency furnace is used, the induction coil of the medium frequency furnace needs to be knotted, that is, the lining is knotted. After the lining is knotted, the oven is carried out. At this time, abnormal noise will sometimes occur.

One of the reasons is that the temperature is not raised according to the oven process, and the temperature is too fast, and the furnace lining thermally expands and bursts, which makes noise. The general idea to solve the problem is to reduce the heating rate and strictly implement the oven process.

Secondly, the insulation of the inductor coil of the medium frequency electric furnace is not good, causing inter-turn ignition and abnormal noise. The solution is to deal with the insulation.

In addition, if there are sundries between the turns of the induction coil, such as steel slag and iron filings, or the distance between the turns of the coil is too small due to the deformation of the induction coil, the increase in the voltage between the turns will damage the insulation, and the sound of the copper pipe will slowly gather through. The solution is to insulate the induction coils, protect the coils, and build the furnace after drying, so that there will be no noise.

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