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Aluminum alloy smelting method and process flow

The smelting methods used in the domestic aluminum industry generally include batch smelting and semi-continuous smelting. The batch smelting method refers to a smelting method that takes one smelting time as a cycle, from the beginning of furnace loading, melting to the end of refining and downturning. This method is mostly suitable for the production of finished alloys with higher quality requirements but not too large batches to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of the chemical composition. Semi-continuous smelting method refers to the same alloy as a production cycle, each time the output is only one-half to one-third of the total melt in the furnace, and then a little more new charge than the above is added to continue melting.  Generally speaking, pure aluminum products, 6063 building materials products, and alloy products with recycled waste as the main charge are all smelted by this method.

The typical melting process of wrought aluminum alloy is as follows: furnace preparation → charge preparation → batching → furnace loading → melting → copper and zinc → slag removal after melting → magnesium and beryllium → stirring → sampling analysis → composition adjustment → stirring → slag removal →Invert the furnace → refining → cover with slagging → stand still and adjust the temperature → measure hydrogen in front of the furnace → discharge from the furnace → clean the furnace

The above process is usually completed in a smelting furnace and a static furnace. Among them, the smelting furnace is responsible for the task of melting and adjusting the composition, and the static furnace is responsible for the task of purifying the melt and keeping warm. The advantage of this configuration of equipment is that it can give full play to the production efficiency of the smelting furnace, which not only guarantees the quality of the smelting, but also increases the output.

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