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Medium frequency electric furnace selection model

With the continuous development of the manufacturing industry, new materials and new processes are constantly being used, and the requirements for the selection of medium frequency electric furnace models are also constantly improving. For medium frequency electric furnaces, there are strict requirements in terms of function, energy conservation and environmental protection. As a result, the reliability, technological advancement and after-sales service of medium frequency electric furnaces have higher standards.

There are some principles to pay attention to when choosing the model of the medium frequency electric furnace. In other words, before determining the power and manufacturer of the medium frequency electric furnace, the following conditions and factors about the medium frequency electric furnace must be considered:

  1. The medium frequency electric furnace is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with an average power consumption of about 600kW.h per ton. It is equipped with a complete set of Smoke and dust removal equipment to meet the environmental protection requirements of the local government.
  2. Medium frequency electric furnace body, power supply system, cooling system and other components are of high quality, good safety, reliability, durability, high degree of automation, automatic fault diagnosis prompts, and low maintenance and maintenance complexity.
  3. IF electric furnace manufacturers have strong service capabilities, fast response speed, reasonable prices for non-standard parts, and provide technical support in many aspects.
  4. The structure and working principle of domestic medium frequency electric furnaces are similar, but there are big differences in quality and service. High comprehensive quality products, stable performance, low failure rate, easy to eliminate when failures occur, quality of parts and components, users are Many troubles can be avoided during use.

After the principle of the medium frequency electric furnace is determined, you can proceed to the next step.

  1. In the selection of medium frequency electric furnace. First, determine the power of the medium frequency electric furnace. This should be based on the user’s own development plan, such as production scale, casting size, casting material, work area, lifting capacity and height, and local power supply conditions, etc., and the tonnage of the medium frequency electric furnace should be reasonably selected. The size and power density. Companies that mainly produce small and medium-sized castings can choose an medium frequency electric furnace of 1~5t. If the output is large, they can purchase two or more to form a high-power density operation. For companies that produce medium and large castings, they can choose an medium frequency smelting of 5-20t. The furnace, coupled with an medium frequency holding furnace of 10~60t, can process multiple ladle molten iron at the same time, pouring large or super large castings.
  2. After selecting the above parameters of the medium frequency electric furnace, it is necessary to inspect the medium frequency electric furnace manufacturer in terms of quality, energy saving and environmental protection, reputation, furnace body, power supply system, cooling system, tilting system, reliability, durability, degree of automation, and service Comprehensive evaluation will be conducted in 15 aspects including ability, response speed, maintenance difficulty, technical service guidance, and spare parts price.

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