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Precautions when using medium frequency furnace

The medium frequency smelting furnace uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat. It is highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has great potential for future development. However, in order to operate the furnace efficiently in daily use, the following precautions must be taken.

Precautions for maintenance

During the maintenance of the medium frequency induction melting furnace, the medium frequency generator room should be kept clean, and it is strictly forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials. Repair the furnace with excessive melting loss in time, avoid mixing of impurities when repairing the furnace, and ensure the compactness of the crucible.

Precautions before opening the stove

The medium frequency induction smelting furnace must be checked for electrical equipment, water cooling system, inductor copper tube, etc. before the furnace is opened. The furnace can only be opened when these equipment are in good condition to ensure the safety of heat treatment, otherwise it is forbidden to open the furnace. .

Identify the personnel responsible for power transmission and furnace opening, and the responsible personnel shall not leave their posts without authorization. During work, the external conditions of the inductor and crucible must be supervised to prevent someone from touching the inductor and cable after the power is turned on and affecting the medium frequency smelting The normal operation of the furnace or the occurrence of a safety accident.

Cautions after opening the furnace

After the medium frequency induction melting furnace is opened, when adding metal, the metal material should be checked to avoid mixing impurities that affect the performance of the metal material. In order to prevent the occurrence of capping, firstly, it is strictly forbidden to directly add cold and wet materials to the molten metal, and secondly, do not add bulky blocks after the molten liquid is filled to the upper part.

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