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Components of an medium frequency electric furnace

Medium frequency electric furnace is the main equipment for casting and forging and heat treatment workshops, with stable performance, safety and reliability, and is the first choice for flow-through casting and forging and heat treatment production line equipment. It has a good development prospect in the field of heat treatment. The following is a brief introduction to the structure of some medium frequency electric furnaces. First of all, the complete range of medium-frequency electric furnaces, power supplies and electrical components, power equipment includes high-voltage or low-voltage switch cabinets, medium-frequency power supplies (medium-frequency generator sets or thyristor inverters), power conversion switches, compensation capacitors and medium-frequency control cabinets, etc., large-scale medium-frequency electric furnaces Parts also include a leak furnace alarm system.

Furnace part: medium and small electric furnace is equipped with two furnace bodies. One is for production and the other is for backup. The furnace body includes furnace cover, sensor, crucible, furnace body bracket, etc. Transmission device: The transmission device includes the movement of the furnace cover and the movement of mechanical or hydraulic devices, such as the tilting and resetting of the furnace body.

Water cooling system: water cooling components include medium frequency power supplies, inductors, capacitors and receivers, flexible cables, etc. In order to save water, the method of circulating cooling is usually adopted. The composition of the induction coil, the induction coil is the main part of the inductance, and the quenching effect is largely determined by the structural size of the induction coil.

Transmission manifold, relying on it to transfer current to induction coil; junction box, connecting bus and quenching transformer; cooling inductor, quenching water supply device for workpiece and heating workpiece: in some cases, the inductor is also equipped with magnetization Sensors, magnetic shielding devices, positioning fixtures and sturdy devices to prevent sensor deformation.