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Advantages of medium frequency furnace in energy saving and environmental protection

In the smelting industry, if you say which smelting equipment is the most recommended, I believe many people in the industry will recommend medium frequency furnaces. Compared with other smelting furnaces, the medium frequency furnace has many advantages, but the most important thing is the advantages of the medium frequency furnace in energy saving and environmental protection.

In terms of energy saving and cost reduction, the medium frequency furnace works on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, which generates heat through electromagnetic induction, and the heating speed is very fast. The general heating equipment is to heat the container to achieve the purpose of heating the material contained in the container, but the medium frequency furnace directly induces the heating of the material. Take an medium frequency smelting furnace as an example. Put the metal material in a quartz crucible. Because there is resistance in the metal material, while the quartz crucible has no resistance, when the medium frequency alternating current passes through the induction coil, it will generate high-density magnetic lines of force and cut The metal material contained in the crucible in the induction coil is instantly heated to melt the metal, and the furnace can be melted in as fast as 2 minutes. From this we can think of heating food in a microwave oven, which can also be heated without heating the food container. This heating effect, on the one hand, saves the heat transfer to the container during heating, thereby saving electricity; on the other hand, it also saves the time wasted in the heat transfer process, and makes the metal heating and melting faster. Really save time, effort, and energy-saving effect.

The medium frequency melting furnace also has a huge advantage in environmental protection. Electromagnetic induction heating metal materials, no open flame and smoke will be generated during the heating process, so the pollution to the environment is minimal. The small size and small footprint make the space utilization rate high, and it will not take up any space in the factory building, and it is easy to clean and clean.

Energy-saving and environmental protection are advocated by the country. Green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains, which are of great significance to the living environment of human beings and social development. The use of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly medium frequency furnaces to smelt metals will also achieve sustainable development to a certain extent, benefit the society, and benefit the country and the people. Therefore, the medium frequency furnace is a good choice in terms of energy saving and cost reduction, or environmental protection and hygiene, and it is definitely worth buying.

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