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Performance introduction of medium frequency melting furnace

1. The medium frequency furnace has high power density and high productivity. That is, under the condition of the same stirring force and the same capacity, the medium frequency furnace can input 3 times the power of the power frequency furnace. In larger furnaces, due to the influence of inductor line depletion current and voltage, the input power of medium frequency furnace is about two times that of power frequency furnace. Therefore, the average power consumption of medium frequency furnace is lower than that of power frequency furnace.
2. The medium frequency furnace can empty the furnace charge during each smelting, which is easy to change the variety of molten metal. It has fast starting melting, does not need to start melting, and is easy to use. The power frequency furnace needs to leave part of the remaining molten iron for the next furnace to start melting, otherwise the starting block should be used.
3. Under the condition of the same productivity, the selected medium frequency furnace has small capacity, so the floor area is small, the amount of furnace lining materials is small, and the operation cost is low.
4. Compared with power frequency furnace, medium frequency furnace has less stirring force, less metal scouring on furnace lining and long service life of furnace lining. In recent years, with the development of SCR medium frequency power supply technology, large-scale high-power medium frequency furnace has developed rapidly, which has been adopted by more and more users, and has the trend of gradually replacing small and medium-sized power frequency furnace.