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Medium frequency induction melting furnace

Smelting furnace is an indispensable melting equipment for casting by melting waste metal into molten steel in the casting industry. At present, it has become the standard induction heating equipment in the casting industry, featuring fast melting speed, high electric heating conversion efficiency, simple and convenient operation, etc. Huaxin Electric Furnace Editor will introduce this smelting furnace equipment.

1、 Smelting furnace introduction:
Medium frequency smelting furnace is a frequency conversion device that converts three-phase power frequency current into single-phase medium frequency current. Through electromagnetic induction, eddy current loss of metal is generated, so as to achieve the purpose of heating and melting. It is used for smelting and heating ferrous or nonferrous metals and alloy materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, etc. It is mainly used in metal casting and steel industry. Huaxin Electric Furnace Company can provide customers with complete sets of equipment production lines such as medium frequency smelting furnace, medium frequency diathermic furnace, cooling equipment, dust removal system, batching and feeding system and pouring system.

2、 Composition of smelting furnace:
1. Furnace body part: induction furnace (two sets: one for smelting and the other for standby), furnace cover, furnace frame, furnace tilting oil cylinder, and movable headstock device of furnace cover.
2. Water cooling system: including capacitor cooling, inductor cooling and cable cooling. The cooling water system is composed of water pump, circulating water pool or cooling tower, pipe valves, etc.
3. Electrical: power transformer, main contactor, balance reactor, balance capacitor, compensation capacitor and electrical console.
4. Hydraulic system: including oil tank, oil pump, oil pump motor, hydraulic system pipeline and valve, hydraulic console, etc.

3、 Medium frequency power supply of smelting furnace:
1. Three phase power balance device: the power frequency induction furnace is a single-phase load. Although the induction coil of the furnace supplies power in separate phases, the three-phase imbalance will also be caused due to the impedance changes of molten iron and furnace charge in the smelting process. It is equipped with three-phase balance device to convert single-phase load into three-phase load. Three phase balance device consists of balance reactor and balance capacitor. The smaller the power factor, the more power distribution containers.
2. Power transformer: small capacity power frequency furnace (less than 1 ton) can be directly connected from low-voltage power grid without power transformer. Large capacity furnace must use power transformer. Features: China’s primary voltage is 10000V, and the secondary voltage is adjustable.

KGPS dual rectifier intermediate frequency power supply

4、 Smelting furnace body structure
1. Furnace body: the furnace body includes induction coil, crucible, magnetic yoke, section steel frame and other parts
A. Inductor: It is made of red copper material. The inductor is composed of several groups of coils in parallel, so as to adjust the power and the movement direction of molten iron stirring.
B. Yoke: It is a yoke made of silicon steel sheets.