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can melting furnace

The pop can melting equipment uses the induction heating principle to heat the pop can itself to achieve the purpose of melting. It is mainly used for the melting of aluminum and aluminum alloy pop cans and melting ingots to facilitate the recycling of pop cans.
1、 Composition of pop can melting equipment
The pop can melting equipment consists of medium frequency power cabinet, compensation capacitor, furnace body (two) and water-cooled cable, hydraulic furnace tilting system, furnace tilting console, furnace leakage alarm, magnetic yoke, etc.
2、 Precautions for selection of pop can melting equipment:
a. The capacity of pop can melting equipment is based on the density of steel 7.8
b. The melting time and power consumption per ton of the pop can melting equipment have an important relationship with the equipment power, raw material shape, raw material density, worker proficiency and other factors;
c. Non standard pop can melting equipment with different power and smelting speed can be designed according to user needs
3、 Features of pop can melting equipment:
a. The pop can melting equipment features fast heating speed, good working environment, energy conservation and environmental protection, high efficiency and low power consumption;
b. Uniform heating temperature, uniform metal composition, less burning loss, less smoke and dust, and good working environment;
c. Simple operation process and reliable smelting operation;
d. High availability and convenient variety change.
e. Good quality of aluminum castings, fast melting temperature rise and easy furnace temperature control
f. The pop can melting equipment has a wide frequency range, and it always keeps a good resonance state during the melting process;
g. The furnace shell is of steel structure or cast aluminum alloy, with small floor area; The furnace body is easy to overturn and dump, and manual, electric and hydraulic tilting modes can be selected;
h. The steel shell of the pop can melting equipment is firm, not easy to be damaged, and has strong structure