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Induction coil of electric melting furnace

The smelting furnace coil is an important part of the medium frequency smelting furnace, which is wound by a rectangular copper tube. It plays the role of generating an alternating magnetic field and carrying molten steel together with the furnace lining and other materials. The basic parameters of the smelting furnace coil, such as the number of turns, copper tube specifications, and the ratio of height to diameter, can maximize the electrical efficiency.

1、 Manufacturing process of 2t smelting furnace coil:
The coil of smelting furnace is wound into spiral coil by a winding machine with rectangular copper tube according to a certain number of turns, and the turn to turn distance of the coil is fixed by glue wood column and copper bolt according to the turn to turn distance. In order to prevent the coil from being oxidized and blocked during use, the gap between induction coils is more reasonable × 70 high-strength double horse resin glue wood column, fixed with M16 copper screws, has extremely high strength and is not easy to twist and deform. The contact parts between the glue wood column and the copper tube of the induction ring are all insulated with high temperature resistant insulating materials. The contact part between the bakelite column and the copper tube of the induction ring is separated from the bakelite column with a special high temperature resistant insulating material. All the copper screws are countersunk into the bakelite column, and the screw holes are sealed with a special insulating putty for the imported high-grade vacuum furnace coil. A layer of insulating board is laid on the outer layer of the bakelite column. Each turn of the copper tube of the induction ring is insulated with vacuum porcelain, and the temperature resistance of the porcelain insulation layer is 300~1500 ℃, completely eliminating the ignition and discharge of the induction ring, At the same time, it can effectively prevent the burning loss of the coil caused by the short-term leakage of high-temperature molten metal in the furnace, which greatly extends the service life of the entire induction coil.
2、 Advantages of smelting furnace coil
1. The coil of smelting furnace shall be insulated, and the insulation effect shall not be ignited;
2. The coil of smelting furnace is not easy to deform, and the heat conduction is faster and the heat dissipation is better;
3. The gap is small, and it is not easy to leak sand and pass through the furnace
4. Larger section, faster smelting speed and more energy saving
5. High stability, reduce a lot of maintenance costs and equipment downtime.
6. The production efficiency is high, the power consumption is reduced, and the output is significantly increased.