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Medium frequency induction furnace equipment

The medium frequency induction furnace equipment is a new type of medium frequency induction heating equipment developed based on the principle of medium frequency electromagnetic heating and the equipment technical level is in the leading position in China. Compared with the traditional gas / gas furnace, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low oxidation burning loss rate of products, fast heating speed, high quality and good working environment.
I Application scope of medium frequency induction furnace equipment:
Medium frequency induction furnace is mainly used for heating steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials before forging, rolling and extrusion; Annealing, tempering and normalizing of steel, cast iron and other metal materials; Hot assembly of metal parts; Surface quenching of mechanical parts;
2、 Classification of medium frequency induction furnace equipment:
1. Carbon steel / stainless steel online induction heating furnace for square billet, slab and round billet;
2. Copper, aluminum, silver, zirconium and other non-ferrous metals
3、 Features of medium frequency induction furnace equipment:
1. Less heating, production, oxidation and decarbonization, saving material and forging die costs
Due to the heating method, the oxidation can save at least 20-50kg of steel raw materials per ton of forging compared with coal-fired furnace, and the material utilization rate can reach. Due to the uniform heating and temperature difference between core and surface, the service life of forging die is also increased in forging, and the roughness of forging surface is less than 50um.
2. Superior working environment, improving workers’ working environment and company image, low energy consumption
Compared with coal furnace, workers of medium frequency induction furnace will not be baked and smoked by coal furnace in the hot sun, which can meet the index requirements of environmental protection department, and establish the external image of the company and the future development trend of forging industry. Induction heating is an energy-saving heating method in electric heating furnace. The power consumption of ton forgings heated from room temperature to 1100 ℃ is less than 360 degrees.
4、 Uniform heating, core surface temperature difference, temperature control
Induction heating is generated in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform and the temperature difference between the core and the surface. The application of temperature control system can control the temperature and improve the product quality and qualified rate.