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3 ton casting melting furnace

Power configuration of 3 ton casting melting furnace
The 3-ton casting melting furnace is divided into parallel resonant power supply and series resonant power supply from the power structure.
1. The power configuration of the parallel resonant intermediate frequency power supply is 2000Kw, that is, the melting time of a single furnace is within 60 minutes, and 3 stewing furnaces and 2 are configured. spare.
2. The series resonance intermediate frequency power supply is divided into single power supply and dual power supply.
a. The single power supply is the intermediate frequency power supply, which is series resonance. It only supplies power to one furnace body. Generally, the heating power is 2000Kw.
b. The dual power supply is also the intermediate frequency power supply as a series circuit. However, a set of series circuit intermediate frequency power supply can supply power to two furnace bodies at the same time, and the two furnace bodies work at the same time to realize double melting or one melting and one heat preservation. One intermediate frequency power supply is configured as 3600Kw or 4000Kw, and the heating power is 2600Kw for one smelting and one heat preservation intermediate frequency power supply.

The composition of the 3-ton casting melting furnace:
3-ton casting melting furnace includes intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor bank, water-cooled cable, steel shell furnace body, hydraulic system, tilting furnace operating table, leakage furnace protection system, water temperature alarm system, furnace switch, magnetic yoke, induction coil, cyclone dust removal hood, circulating cooling tower, etc.

3-ton casting and melting furnace layout: