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Intermediate frequency power cabinet

The intermediate frequency power supply cabinet is the power supply device of the intermediate frequency furnace. It adopts thyristor frequency conversion to provide frequency conversion current for the induction heating coil and provide electric energy for the whole intermediate frequency heating system. The heating furnace head cannot work independently without leaving the intermediate frequency power supply cabinet. Therefore, the medium frequency power supply cabinet plays a very important role in the medium frequency heating system.
1、 Working principle of medium frequency power supply cabinet: the medium frequency power supply cabinet converts the three-phase power frequency AC energy into single-phase medium frequency AC; The static frequency conversion device of electric energy has stable, reliable and safe performance, and the load adaptability of medium frequency power supply is strong. It can be used as the power supply for quenching, diathermy, smelting, sintering and other induction heating equipment.
2、 Composition of intermediate frequency power cabinet:
The intermediate frequency power supply cabinet is composed of cabinet body, AC contactor, rectifier thyristor, rectifier trigger board, inverter thyristor, inverter trigger board, main control board, reactor, instrument, connecting copper bar, etc.
3、 If power cabinet protection system:
The high flexibility protection system of medium frequency power supply cabinet prevents damage to equipment components. The names of the protection devices are as follows: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, phase loss protection, water pressure protection and water temperature protection
4、 Advantages of medium frequency power cabinet
1. If power cabinet adopts 6-pulse, 12 or 24 pulse rectifier to eliminate harmonic interference
2. The advanced filter inductor design of intermediate frequency power supply cabinet ensures the safety of thyristor
3. Rectifier and inverter control technology is close to the output characteristics of constant power
4. Full digital control system with fault self-test function
5. Graphical operation interface, working parameters, working status and fault point one-stop monitoring
6. It has independent furnace leakage alarm and grounding protection functions
7. Heating control and management computer interface