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Medium frequency furnace yoke

Medium frequency furnace yoke
The yoke is made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet of Wuhan Iron and Steel with high permeability. The thickness of the silicon steel sheet is 0.3mm. The yoke adopts a profiling structure, and the arc of the inner arc is the same as the arc of the outer circle of the induction coil, so that the yoke can be evenly distributed on the outside of the induction coil, which restrains the radiated magnetic field of the coil to the maximum extent and reduces the external magnetic circuit Magnetoresistance.
The yoke is clamped by stainless steel plates and stainless steel clamps on both sides and fixed by welding. There are cooling water pipes welded on the stainless steel plate on the two sides.
For cooling the yoke. The cooling water pipe can withstand 0.45Mpa water pressure without leakage within 15 minutes. After the yoke is assembled, the curvature is not more than 4mm,
The deviation between the theoretical centerline and the actual centerline is not more than 3mm. The yoke and the coil are lined with polytetrafluoroethylene board and asbestos rubber from the inside to the outside.
plate. Teflon sheet has high insulation strength and high temperature resistance, and asbestos rubber sheet has high heat resistance. So as to ensure
The insulation and heat resistance between the yoke and the coil are improved. Each yoke is supported and fixed by a screw rod fixed on the furnace shell, which is in the shape of one circle of the coil.
A uniform top force is formed so that both the yoke and the coil are fixed, and the coil will not move during the melting and out of the furnace.