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The main factors of the price of intermediate frequency furnace

The development speed of the intermediate frequency furnace industry is getting faster and faster, and the prices are gradually open and transparent. There are many types and prices of intermediate frequency furnace equipment on the market, so what affects the difference in the price of intermediate frequency furnace?

1. Component selection

SCR and power capacitor: The most important components on the intermediate frequency power supply equipment are the thyristor and power capacitor. First of all, the quality of the thyristors and power capacitors selected by various manufacturers for the intermediate frequency power supply equipment is generally reliable, but the selected manufacturers are different; any manufacturer has periods of unstable quality, and large-scale Enterprise quality fluctuates less. But there are still some differences in price.
Furnace shell: The price of simple steel furnace shell, stainless steel furnace shell, and aluminum furnace shell is about double the price in turn.
Copper bars and tubes: The cost can be doubled or even several times worse.
Chassis: The cost can be several times or even dozens of times worse.
The number of capacitor configurations is different: it can cost more than one thousand to several thousand yuan.
DC reactor: the difference can be one thousand to two thousand yuan, depending on the power of the intermediate frequency power supply

Other small components: such as capacitors, resistors, plastic wires, water-cooled cables, water pipes, various transformers, etc., there will be cost differences in the selection.
Power distribution cabinet: regular products should be equipped with power distribution cabinets equipped with automatic switches (several thousand yuan), not included in the price             of low-priced equipment.
Capacitor cabinet: Low-cost equipment users need to solve the problem of capacitor placement and fixing by themselves.
Water pipe clamp: a good stainless steel water pipe clamp for regular equipment, while ordinary iron wire can be used for low-cost equipment.

2. Technical content
Low-priced equipment, the technical content will definitely be lower. High-priced manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to research and test advanced circuits, and their equipment is advanced, so the price will naturally be higher. Generally speaking, equipment with different prices will have different effects, which will reflect differences in melting speed, power consumption, operation complexity, and failure rate.

3. Service commitment
Different prices, service commitments are also different. Before leaving the factory, the equipment produced by regular intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers must undergo repeated static and dynamic debugging. And there is a warranty period of six months to one year. During this period, any equipment failure caused by non-human responsibility will be the responsibility of the manufacturer, and the regular manufacturer will also have sufficient personnel and capabilities to provide services.

4. Quality
A considerable number of production plants do not have the conditions for in-plant debugging, and the cost will naturally be lower; and the structure and installation of the equipment are also related to the cost. For example, the installation of thyristor on iron is better than that on epoxy bakelite. The cost is much lower, and the assembly and debugging process has a great impact on the quality. Different production plants, different processes, and different prices also cause different quality, which is directly reflected in the failure rate.