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Introduction of medium frequency aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum metal material is different from steel material and is a non-magnetic material. In the medium frequency induction heating, the mode of increasing the induced current is used to heat and melt the metal aluminum through a large current. This high-current heating mode makes the metal aluminum heating temperature and evenly distribute the heat. If you want to maintain the expected life and quality of aluminum, the heating temperature of the medium frequency aluminum melting furnace is crucial for melting aluminum. The medium frequency aluminum melting furnace of Shandong Huaxin Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. has uniform heating, stable operation, and can provide accurate temperature control. It is purchased by many large aluminum production companies.

The medium frequency aluminum melting furnace uses three-phase alternating current to melt aluminum through a frequency conversion device and a coil load. During the melting process, pure aluminum will sink and the impurities on the surface will increase. After removing the magazine from the top, pure aluminum can be obtained. During the whole process, the water cooling system keeps the coil cool. This modern process of metal aluminum smelting can achieve precise temperature control and accelerate the speed of aluminum melting.

The induction furnace used for melting aluminum can increase the efficiency by 60% to 75% and reduce the loss caused by oxidation. The medium frequency furnace melting aluminum has low emissions, and the final product has higher purity and uniformity. The use of induction melting furnace to melt aluminum has obvious advantages. The heat source will not directly contact aluminum. Therefore, when aluminum alloy is produced, it is also allowed to mix smelts.

Obviously, the medium frequency aluminum melting furnace is the best choice for recovering aluminum to extract pure aluminum elements or manufacturing cast aluminum alloys. When these two processes are executed at the same time, the energy consumption of the medium frequency aluminum melting furnace is much less than that of other traditional types of furnaces. In addition, the medium frequency aluminum melting furnace can be customized according to the actual needs of any specific industry.

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