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Correct use and operating procedures of MF melting furnace

MF melting furnace can play an important role in metal melting, and also provides many convenient conditions for manufacturers. Many failures of the melting furnace are caused by irregular operation, which also shortens the service life of the melting furnace.

MF furnace cold start

  1. During cold start, sufficient time should be given to the lining material to expand reversibly.
  2. Furnace and the entire furnace lining. During a cold start, 3 to 4 K-type thermocouples should be used to detect the temperature. The thermocouple should be placed near the furnace wall or bottom.
  3. Start using low-power transmission, and then gradually increase the power until the full power is sent. After the heat preservation is over, the charge will melt quickly before it can be used normally.

Start-up operation of MF melting furnace

  1. Close the switch of the input line low-voltage switch box, observe whether the three-phase input line voltage and ammeter are normal, and then adjust the power adjustment potentiometer to a smaller value.
  2. Press the control power switch on button, press the main circuit switch on button, press the inverter start button, the intermediate frequency power supply starts to work.
  3. After successful startup, adjust the power knob to the desired power position.

stops running

  1. Turn the power adjustment button to a smaller position first, and then press the inverter stop button.
  2. If it takes a long time to stop, press the inverter first, then disconnect the main current, and finally turn off the power.

3. Close the internal circulating cooling water and stop the operation of the circulating water pump of the system.