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How the DC reactor works

1. The reactor is suitable for reactive power compensation and harmonic control system.It can improve the power factor, filter the harmonics, suppress the voltage waveform distortion, change the quality of power network and ensure the safe operation of power system.

2. Incoming reactors are used to limit current shocks caused by network voltage mutations and operating overvoltages, to smooth the spikes contained in the supply voltage, or to smooth the voltage defects generated by bridge rectifier circuit during phase commutation.It can not only prevent the interference from the power grid, but also reduce the pollution of the power grid by the harmonic current generated by the rectifier unit.

3. Dc reactor (also known as flat-wave reactor) is mainly used for the DC side of the converter, the DC current with ac component flowing through the reactor.The main purpose is to limit the ac component superimposed on the DC current to a specified value, keep the rectified current continuous, reduce the current pulsation value and improve the input power factor.

4. The main function of the output reactor is to compensate the influence of long-line distributed capacitance, suppress the output harmonic current, improve the output high-frequency impedance, effectively inhibit dv/ DT, reduce the high-frequency leakage current, protect the frequency converter, reduce equipment noise.