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induction melting furnace introduction

1、 Brief introduction of melting furnace type

The melting furnace shell is made of steel plate and section steel by welding. The furnace lining is made of light micro bead energy-saving refractory brick composite fiber. The heating element is 0cr25al5 high resistance alloy wire. The melting temperature of melting furnace is controlled automatically by automatic temperature control cabinet. Generally, cast iron crucible or standard graphite crucible is used.

2、 Purpose of melting furnace

Melting furnace is mainly used to melt low melting point nonferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum, zinc, lead, magnesium, tin, cadmium, etc. It can be used with casting machine when melting aluminum and lead.

3、 Classification of melting furnaces

  1. Melting furnace can be divided into aluminum melting furnace, lead melting furnace, magnesium alloy melting furnace, zinc plating furnace, rubber melting furnace, etc.
  2. Melting furnace can be divided into electric heating furnace, oil melting furnace and gas melting furnace according to different heating methods
  3. According to whether crucible is used in the design of melting furnace, it can be divided into crucible melting furnace and crucible free melting furnace