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Elimination method of water temperature alarm for medium frequency furnace

When we use the medium frequency furnace, we often encounter the situation of water temperature alarm. Water temperature alarm is a kind of performance of medium frequency furnace self-protection, which is a necessary medium frequency furnace protection measure.

When water temperature alarm occurs in medium frequency furnace, medium frequency electric furnace, medium frequency heating furnace, medium frequency smelting furnace and medium frequency induction heating equipment, the medium frequency heating furnace equipment will automatically start the protection device to stop the heating equipment. Now simply discuss the causes and solutions of several water temperature alarms of medium frequency furnace.

If the furnace runs for a long time after startup, water temperature alarm appears in the process of operation.

In this case, it is necessary to check the water temperature of the medium frequency furnace cooling pool. If the water temperature of the medium frequency furnace cooling pool is too high, which leads to the water temperature alarm, the cooling water of the cooling pool can be replaced.

2、 If the furnace runs for a short time, the water temperature alarm will appear.

If the medium frequency furnace is started after shutdown, it can continue to run, but it will continue to alarm after a short time. When this happens, check the internal cooling water pipe of the medium frequency power cabinet to see if it is blocked. If the medium frequency electric furnace is used for a long time, it is necessary to ensure the cleanness of the cooling water, so as to avoid the water temperature alarm caused by the blockage of the water pipe by the sundries in the water.

Water pipe blockage removal method: open all water pipes from the internal water outlet direction of medium frequency power cabinet, and use air compressor or other blowing equipment to clear the pipes one by one, so as to ensure that all water pipes are unblocked. After checking all the waterways and eliminating the problem of waterways, the equipment of medium frequency furnace still gives an alarm, which is probably caused by the scaling of SCR cooling water jacket and needs to be descaled. At this time, special scale remover for medium frequency smelting furnace can be used.

3、 If the equipment of medium frequency furnace starts up, the water temperature will give an alarm.

The elimination of this phenomenon is relatively simple. It must be caused by the fault of the water temperature relay of the medium frequency smelting furnace. The fault can be eliminated by replacing the water temperature relay.

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