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Suggestions on maintenance of medium frequency electric furnace

  1. The maintenance of medium frequency furnace should stop for a week or half a month, check all the performance of the machine, so as to know the situation of the equipment in time.
  2. In order to use the machine better at work, the daily maintenance work includes:

Use a temperature measuring gun to detect the temperature of SCR, resistance and capacitance protection resistor, and the working temperature of equalizing resistor. The temperature measurement time is divided into three stages: the first temperature measurement is when the machine runs the first furnace of molten steel, after about one third of the power is turned on, about 5 to 10 minutes later. The second time was about when the furnace was almost full. Then, the temperature is measured for the third time at the end of smelting, that is, at full power of the last furnace today. Of course, the above three temperature measurements need to be recorded in order to find and solve problems in time.

Check the screws of the cable for looseness every day.

Before starting the machine every day, it is necessary to confirm that the power water pump and the boiler water pump are on. The water pressure is 1.5 to 1.7 kg in the power cabinet and 1.5 to 2 kg in the furnace.

Keep the water cable near the furnace clean and free of iron filings and metal objects.

  1. Before running the equipment, the water pump must be opened 10 minutes in advance to observe whether there is leakage and water seepage. If any, it should be treated immediately to avoid affecting the production.
  2. If the machine detects the abnormal temperature of the silicon controlled rectifier, it should immediately check the cause to see if the water pipe is folded, causing the water flow is not enough and heating, or there is dirt blocking in the silicon controlled rectifier sleeve.
  3. If it is found that the resistance temperature of the rectifier resistance capacitance protection is obviously different from other resistances, it is necessary to immediately check whether the capacitor is open or the resistance has been damaged, etc. Generally, the reactor will buzz obviously when starting up and feel a little jitter.
  4. When checking and maintaining every week or half a month, pay attention to:

Check whether the trunking on the resistance capacitance protection of the inverter falls down, so as to avoid short-circuit non inductive resistance and burn the KK tube. If you find something, tie it up immediately.

The screw and water card of the equipment should be tightened once a week to avoid equipment damage caused by falling or loosening.

Once a week, observe whether the hydraulic oil is not enough. Generally, at least 80% of the oil should be kept.

For different places, if the water quality of some manufacturers is relatively low, please check if the water distributor in the cabinet of medium frequency power supply has rotten water nozzles. If it is serious, please make a set of water dispenser to replace the whole one in time. It is strictly forbidden to weld the water nozzles on the machine after dismantling one by one. This will seriously affect the production schedule and bring unnecessary time loss. Generally, the water dispenser should be replaced once every 3 months for the open waterway system. If the system is totally closed, we will try to replace it half a year to once a year.

  1. For the cleaning of pipe sleeve, dilute hydrochloric acid of 20% concentration is generally used to circulate in the pipe sleeve for 10 to 15 minutes. Generally, after washing, you must use 100% clean water once and blow dry with compressed air before using, so as not to let hydrochloric acid rot the pipe sleeve.
  2. Key points of hydraulic maintenance: pay attention to the cleanliness and quantity of oil when using hydraulic oil. Generally, the hydraulic oil needs to be changed once half a year, and the filter screen needs to be cleaned once a month. Note that there are two filters in the hydraulic station. Do not let them work at the bottom of the hydraulic station. Be sure to put it on the shelf inside the hydraulic station, so as to avoid the iron chips inside the hydraulic station entering the hydraulic pump and damaging the pump.

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