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Casting temperature of MF induction furnace

The MF induction furnace is an induction heating device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat and melt metal, and is a commonly used heating device in the mechanical thermal processing industry. The heating temperature of the MF induction furnace is a very important influencing factor for casting.

  1. Most of the intermediate frequency melting furnace casting is hot mold casting. Before molten metal enters the mold, the mold must be preheated to increase the mold temperature to a certain range.
  2. The temperature of the investment casting mold shell is more accurately controlled than that of the metal mold.
  3. Control the pouring temperature, also called the furnace temperature. The pouring temperature is generally measured by a contact temperature controller or a handheld temperature measuring gun.

Non-ferrous metals generally use contact temperature control; steel and other metals use hand-held temperature guns to measure temperature.

  1. The thermocouple controls the specific temperature. The thermocouple must be checked regularly. This is an important measure to ensure the quality of castings.