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What is the advantage of steel shell medium frequency furnace?

Huaxin Electric Furnace is a professional induction furnace manufacturer. The medium frequency furnace produced by the factory is an open steel medium frequency furnace. This medium-frequency furnace body structure is convenient for ordinary inspection and maintenance. High-strength rectangular steel or section steel is the main structure of the medium frequency furnace frame, which is simple and strong.

The furnace body of the medium frequency furnace can be equipped with a cyclone rotating furnace cover and a hydraulic tilting furnace cover. All hydraulic systems are designed by the use of water-glycol as the hydraulic medium. The cover of the ordinary heat preservation furnace and the complete set of sub-catchment of the medium frequency furnace body are all made of stainless steel. The hoses used in all waterways are carbon-free high-pressure industrial hoses to ensure that there is no tube bursting or dripping during daily operation. The surface of the upper platform of the medium frequency furnace body is knotted with refractory materials to fully protect the steel platform of the medium frequency furnace body from deformation.

The tilting cylinder of the medium frequency melting furnace has an automatic telescopic steel protective sleeve to protect the metal rod of the cylinder from molten steel and dust.

The arc-proof design of the yoke of the medium frequency melting furnace, that is, the inner side of the yoke in the steel shell electric furnace (that is, the surface of the opposite induction coil) is processed into an arc shape, and its curvature is consistent with the arc of the coil. Therefore, after the electric furnace is assembled, the overlapping part of the yoke and the coil accounts for 60-65% of the circumference of the coil, which provides firm support for the induction coil.

The coil manifold of the medium frequency smelting furnace is equipped with temperature, pressure difference, flow, and other detection sensors to monitor the water pressure, water temperature, etc. of the cooling water inlet and outlet pipes of the coil to protect the cooling water system. When the cooling water is over-temperature or the water pressure is too low, it will sound and light alarm and cut off the main power supply. The outlet pipes of the induction coil are equipped with thermocouples, and the temperature of the cooling water at each outlet is displayed through a digital temperature inspection instrument.

The copper tube of the induction coil of the medium frequency furnace coil is made of solid, durable, and highly conductive oxygen-free copper tube. The water-cooled coil and the effective coil are made of copper tubes in one piece, without segmentation. The two adjacent turns of the induction coil adopt advanced segmentation technology and are highly insulated. An insulating sheet is implanted between adjacent induction coils. The coil gap is appropriate to obtain the maximum electrical efficiency. After being pressed at high temperature, the coil becomes a complete structure and is pressed by the upper and lower steel structure in the furnace body. The overall structure is firm and has no deformation problems. The number of turns of the coil is appropriate to obtain the maximum electrical efficiency. The coil is supplied with cooling water from multiple water circuits and is evenly distributed. The outside of the coil is tightly wound with insulating material. The arc-shaped insulating gasket between turns also ensures uniform coil spacing and facilitates the drainage of moisture.

The coils are all made of copper pipes without any support. The expansion coefficient is consistent, not easy to deform, and has a long life.

Insulating sheets are implanted between adjacent induction coils. The air-permeable design can allow moisture in the furnace lining to be released in time during sintering, reducing false alarms in furnace lining detection, and at the same time, the insulating sheet serves as very effective insulation between the coil turns

The lining of the medium frequency furnace coil is densely covered with detection points, which can completely and effectively solve the problem of furnace leakage. It can detect and alarm before the molten metal damages the insulating layer.

The lining push-out mechanism of the medium frequency furnace. After the furnace is cooled to a suitable temperature, the furnace rotates 90 degrees to lift the push-out mechanism to connect with the furnace bottom, start the oil pump, and directly push out the furnace lining. The furnace dismantling efficiency is high, the working environment is good, and there is no dust intrusion.Induction melting furnace,induction furnace manufacturers