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What factors affect the energy consumption of the medium-frequency furnace?

The medium frequency furnace has the advantages of high electrical and thermal efficiency, short melting time, power saving, less floor space, low investment, easy process automation, and production flexibility. Compared with other smelting furnaces, such as industrial frequency furnaces, it has lower energy consumption and higher production efficiency. However, low energy consumption is relative to other equipment. The production base is larger than the total energy consumption. For enterprise production, to maximize the benefits, it is necessary to minimize energy consumption.

Huaxin Electric Furnace is one of the professional induction furnace manufacturers in China. After many years of production time fulfillment summary, we have come to the main 4 factors that affect the energy consumption of the medium frequency furnace:

  1. Power

The power density configuration of the induction furnace. The configuration is high, the melting speed is fast, and the energy-saving effect is good. Whether the electric furnace can maintain high power and continuously send power to the furnace will affect the level of energy consumption; the messy arrangement of the power cord of the medium frequency furnace will affect the processing capacity of the power supply, resulting in unstable power, low power conversion efficiency, and energy consumption.

  1. Melt

The cleanliness of the surface of the charge, if there are 5% impurities, it will consume 5% of the electric energy to melt these impurities, which will also affect the life of the furnace lining; whether the length of the charge block is appropriate will affect the electric efficiency and melting quality of the electric furnace, generally 200~ The length of 300mm is appropriate;

  1. Refractory materials for medium frequency furnace

The use of a suitable crucible can increase the melting rate. The quartz crucible is resistant to high temperatures and is used with a medium-frequency furnace. The metal material in the crucible generates heat through induction heating, which can reduce the consumption of heat transfer.

  1. The improper operation causes high energy consumption

The molten metal is overheated and uninterrupted out of the furnace. Not only is it unsafe, but it is also wrong in terms of energy consumption and melting process. Generally, electric furnace inductors are divided into upper and lower parts. When the molten metal level in the furnace is lower than half of the upper inductor, due to the change of resistance, the upper inductor no longer has induced current to pass, and all are concentrated in the lower inductor so that the lower molten metal Overheating, scouring the furnace wall, the life of the furnace lining will drop sharply, and the energy consumption will also increase.Induction melting furnace,induction furnace manufacturers