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Water leakage hazard of medium frequency induction furnace

Medium frequency induction furnace is more and more widely used because of its convenience, speed, energy saving and environmental protection. It is not only used in forging heating, casting melting, but also in round steel heating, quenching and tempering and round steel rolling. The popularization and application of mechanical and thermal processing industry is bound to bring the maintenance problem of medium frequency induction furnace.
1. During the operation of medium frequency induction furnace, the thyristor, capacitor, reactor, connecting copper bar and heated induction coil of medium frequency power supply will produce a lot of heat. This requires circulating cooling water as the cooling medium to forcibly cool these components. During the operation of cooling water in the pipeline, scale will be generated and the pipeline will be blocked, resulting in the increase of pipeline pressure; Or due to the poor local cooling effect caused by pipeline blockage, the temperature of various parts will rise. These pressure increases and local temperature increases will cause the water nozzle to break or the parts will be damaged due to the temperature rise, resulting in the stagnation of the operation of the medium frequency induction furnace.
2. If the medium frequency induction furnace operates for a long time, the acid and alkali of the cooling medium are different. The acidic medium will oxidize the copper water nozzle and generate green copper oxide, which makes the copper water nozzle corrode and leak, resulting in insufficient cooling water pressure of the medium frequency induction furnace and can not be started.
3. The cooling pipeline rubber hose and throat hoop of the medium frequency induction furnace shall not be used properly, especially the water leakage inside the medium frequency power supply. If the water leakage is not found in time, the water splashes on the electronic and electrical components and wiring terminals in the cabinet, which will cause short circuit of lines and components, reduction of electrical and gas insulation, etc. the operator cannot find the water leakage in the indoor power cabinet in time, burn the components, resulting in abnormal shutdown of the medium frequency induction furnace, Affected production.
4. In order to avoid pipeline scaling, the cooling medium of medium frequency induction furnace is often cooled with pure water to reduce the generation of calcium carbonate in the pipeline and avoid the shutdown of medium frequency induction furnace caused by pipeline blockage.