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Water-cooled induction melting furnace reactor

Water-cooled electric furnace reactors are mainly used for electromagnetic induction heating equipment such as medium frequency furnaces, induction furnaces, and medium frequency melting furnaces.

Induction melting furnace reactor

ONE. Overview of water-cooled electric furnace reactor

Water-cooled electric furnace reactors, also known as smoothing reactors, are mainly used on the DC side of converters, and they are also widely used in general frequency converters. There is a DC current with AC component flowing through the reactor.

The main functions of the water-cooled electric furnace reactor: filter the rectified voltage to smooth the DC voltage; reduce the pulsating value of the DC current to make the current continuous; reduce the interference of the medium frequency current on the power grid; The impact of the previous stage.

TWO. Performance description of water-cooled electric furnace reactor

  1. Water-cooled electric furnace reactor The DC reactor is an iron core dry structure, and the winding is wound by an oxygen-free copper tube that can be cooled by water;
  2. The iron core of the water-cooled electric furnace reactor is made of Z10 cold-rolled high-permeability low-loss cold-rolled silicon steel sheet produced by Wuhan Iron and Steel, and the copper tube is made of T2 oxygen-free copper tube with a thickness of 2.0mm produced by Luoyang Copper Factory, double winding In series, the copper tube is wrapped with mica tape, H-class insulation, and a special fastening process is adopted at the same time, and the noise during operation is less than 80 decibels. There is an adjustable air gap between the core column and the upper cover (adjustable in the range of 20-60mm), the air gap is separated by epoxy laminated glass cloth panels, and the fixed connection between the base and the upper cover is realized by four surrounding tie rods;
  3. Each winding wire package of the water-cooled electric furnace reactor coil is divided into two layers inside and outside, which are connected as a whole at the lower part and lead out of the water circuit, and the upper part leads to the 2 external copper bar ends. The two winding packages are connected in series with copper bars through the lead-out ends. The coil has two connection terminals (copper bars) connected to the outside, and there is no polarity.
  4. There is a small air gap between the coil and the iron core of the water-cooled electric furnace reactor, and there is an insulating plate inside. After being assembled into one body, four (two small reactors) pull rods are pulled up and down. The compaction of the coil can greatly reduce the noise during operation and ensure the stability of electrical characteristics;
  5. Part of the fasteners for the core column of the water-cooled electric furnace reactor DC reactor core column is made of non-magnetic materials to ensure a low temperature rise inside the reactor core column;
  6. The normal working temperature of water-cooled electric furnace reactor is not higher than 80℃, and the temperature rise does not exceed 55℃.

THREE. The technical parameters of water-cooled electric furnace reactor usually include:


Rated current

Rated voltage

Cooling water pressure and flow

Operation and storage: -25~+85(℃) (clean up the water in the copper pipe)

Insulation class: H class

Environmental humidity: 0~98(%) non-condensing

Altitude: <1000m, installed and used in the cabinet