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The reducer of the medium frequency melting furnace

The medium frequency melting furnace tilting furnace is divided into hydraulic tilting furnace and reducer tilting furnace. The tilting furnace has its own characteristics. The hydraulic tilting furnace is stable and is commonly used on large-tonnage steel shell furnaces. Reducer tilting furnaces are generally used on aluminum shell furnaces and small-tonnage furnace bodies. The following are the precautions for the use and installation of the reducer:

  1. The reducer of the medium frequency melting furnace is installed. Before normal use, the manual wheel must be flexible and free of jams. Then, the electric idling operation test must be carried out, and the operation must be stable without noise and other phenomena such as oil leakage.
  2. The output shaft of the deceleration machine used in the intermediate frequency melting furnace must be coaxial with the bracket, and the error should not be large at 0.3mm.
  3. After the reducer of the intermediate frequency melting furnace is installed, lubricating oil is injected into the tank oil sump, and the oil level is high degrees are added as required, working hours do not exceed 8 hours per day, and oil changes every six months.
  4. The reducer of the intermediate frequency smelting furnace should be installed on a flat and stable base to ensure the safety during use all.
  5. The intermediate frequency melting furnace deceleration machine needs to be regularly inspected no less than 2 times a year worm gear tooth surface wear, worm gear and worm tooth surface wear reduced to 80% of tooth surface thickness should be replaced. Used in electric furnace dumping operation, allowing the worm wheel to rotate relative to the original device you can continue to use it normally after 90°.
  6. The electrical appliances installed in the deceleration machine of the intermediate frequency melting furnace must be reliably grounded to avoid electric shock.
  7. When reassembling, the axial clearance of bearings at all levels must be adjusted in accordance with regulations using gaskets or adjusting screws. The joint between bearing gland and flange must be coated with sealant to avoid oil leakage.