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Advantages & Disadvantages of Series and Parallel

The power supply (converter) is the soul of the medium frequency induction equipment. When choosing the medium frequency furnace, the customer must choose the appropriate power supply according to his actual situation. At present, there are two types of medium frequency furnace power supplies in series and parallel. Now I will briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the two different types of power supplies.

  1. KGPS SCR parallel medium frequency power supply

Advantages: it is the most widely used IF power supply, low price, mature technology, low failure rate, easy maintenance, low cost of replacement parts.

Disadvantages: high energy consumption. The power is adjusted by adjusting the DC voltage, the power factor is low (≤0.90), and the harmonic interference is large

  1. KGPS-CL SCR series medium frequency power supply

Advantages: The rectifier part of the intermediate frequency furnace adopts half-wave rectification, the power factor ≥ 0.96 , and there is basically no harmonic interference. The inverter part is connected in series, and the load works under the condition of high voltage and small current, and the loss is small, which greatly improves the efficiency. The power consumption per ton of molten steel is less than 600 degrees.

Disadvantages: The price is much more expensive than the parallel power supply, and the maintenance cost is higher than parallel.


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