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The introduction of the composition of medium frequency electric furnace

Medium frequency electric furnace is an induction heating equipment used to heat metal, which is widely used in the industry before forging, casting and tempering heat treatment, and plays a main role in the mechanical heat processing industry. So, what are the medium frequency furnace systems?

  1. The power supply device of medium frequency furnace system – transformer, according to the cooling medium of transformer, can be divided into dry type transformer and cooling transformer. In the medium frequency furnace industry, we usually use the rectifier transformer of medium frequency furnace, which is far better than the ordinary transformer in overload capacity and anti-interference capability.
  2. If power supply of medium frequency electric furnace, if power cabinet is the core part of the medium frequency furnace system. If power supply consists of rectifier and inverter, capacitor bank, thyristor, AC contactor, water-cooled cable, etc.
  3. The capacitor cabinet of medium frequency electric furnace system, the function of capacitor cabinet is to provide reactive compensation for induction coil. It can be understood that the size of capacitance directly affects the power of the equipment. It should be noted that the capacitance of parallel devices is only one of resonance capacitance (electric heating capacitance). In addition to the series resonant capacitor elements (capacitors), filter capacitors are preferred. This is also a national standard, which can be used to judge whether the equipment is parallel or series.
  4. The furnace body of medium frequency electric furnace is used as metal heating, which is called sensor or inductor coil on the medium frequency furnace, and used as metal smelting, which is called steel shell furnace or aluminum shell furnace body on the medium frequency furnace.
  5. The cooling water of the medium frequency electric furnace system is an essential part of a set of if electric furnace system, and it is also a very important part. It can be said that the quality of the cooling system can directly affect the failure rate of the medium frequency electric furnace system. There are three common cooling methods of medium frequency electric furnace system, which are traditional pool cooling, open cooling tower and closed cooling tower. Open cooling tower has large cooling workload, low cost and moderate space. Now we have some large tonnage (over 10 tons) furnace body still in use. Because of the quality of cold water, it is not recommended to use the power cabinet. Closed cooling tower has the advantages that circulating water can be completely closed, which can isolate the influence of external market environment, and the water quality problem can effectively guarantee and water consumption is low. Small area and large cooling capacity are a common cooling method
  6. Hydraulic station of medium frequency electric furnace system

The hydraulic pressure of medium frequency electric furnace system is mainly used for medium frequency smelting furnace. Generally, one furnace body is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders, and the tilting furnace system is composed of hydraulic rotation. The hydraulic tilting furnace has the advantages of outstanding stability and can be stopped at any position.

This is an essential part of the whole if furnace system.

The functions that the hydraulic station must have are as follows

1) Gear pump must be used for oil pump, which has the advantages of stable working pressure and low noise;

2) Oil cooler must be equipped (water cooling is the best, and small hydraulic station can be air cooled);

3) The oil inlet and return port must have filter to remove impurities in the cooling medium;

4) The box, oil pipe, etc. must be acid washed and Phosphated.

  1. If the medium frequency electric furnace system is connected with materials and the connection between transformer and power cabinet, copper bar / aluminum bar connection is preferred if the living conditions permit. Multiple shares can be used for secondary selection, and the maximum number is not more than 185mm ² Aluminum cable is not recommended for copper core cables, especially when the distance is more than 20 meters, it is forbidden to use aluminum cables. The first priority is connected with copper and the secondary water is selected in the power cabinet capacitor connected to the housing. It is not recommended to connect a capacitor cabinet to the furnace with ordinary cables. Students of water-cooled cable components suggest that the working length should not exceed 6m. The redundant enterprises can connect with copper bars and copper pipes are used for secondary connection.