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Temperature sorting of heating furnace

With the development of forging technology, the requirements for the heating temperature of forging blanks are getting higher and higher. Manually adjust the control angle of the rectifier thyristor of the intermediate frequency heating furnace to change the input power of the furnace, and the production method of controlling the temperature of the furnace is gradually falling behind, and the temperature sorting of the automatic heating furnace has emerged. The temperature sorting of the heating furnace of Huaxin electric furnace adopts infrared thermometer and PLC program control, which realizes the functions of online temperature measurement, display and temperature classification of heating blanks, and becomes the standard product for heating before forging.

ONE. Temperature sorting application of heating furnace

The temperature sorting of the heating furnace is mainly used for pre-forging heating in the forging industry. It is used in conjunction with the intermediate frequency heating furnace to greatly improve the accuracy of the heating blank temperature of the intermediate frequency furnace.

TWO. Technical requirements for temperature sorting of heating furnace

Infrared thermometer: With full digital processing function, the temperature measurement range is wider, and the temperature measurement accuracy is higher. The stainless steel case is used, and it is designed for applications in harsh industrial environments. Its precise focusing lens can meet the technical parameters of different distance requirements:

The temperature sorting control of the heating furnace: the blanks heated by the intermediate frequency furnace are tested for temperature through the three-selection device of the intermediate frequency furnace, and the temperature is lower or higher than it is transported to the low temperature basket and the high material basket respectively, which meets the process temperature The blank workpiece normally passes through the next process. The three sorting of the intermediate frequency furnace sets the range of the heated materials according to the requirements of the production temperature, so as to realize the automatic sorting between high-temperature materials, normal and low-temperature materials, and ensure that the product qualification rate is further improved. .

THIRD. Scope of supply for temperature sorting of heating furnace

The scope of supply for temperature sorting of heating furnace includes mechanical cylinder, linkage mechanism, control box, high-precision thermometer, temperature control instrument accessories, chain transmission device, classification selection Cylinder transmission device, and large-screen display, etc.

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